Hoya HD UV(0) 37mm filter
Hoya HD UV(0) 37mm filter
  • Hoya HD UV(0) 37mm filter

Hoya HD UV(0) 37mm filter

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Hoya HD UV is the latest and the most technologically advanced series of Hoya UV filters designed for demanding users. It uses a special type of high-density glass that precisely cuts off UV radiation that is undesirable in photography. The surface of the glass was chemically hardened, which gave it four times greater resistance to cracks and scratches than ordinary optical glass.

HD series chemical formula of the outer layer ensures high resistance to greasy stains and finger marks. This allows to keep them clean and smooth in easy way. Sophisticated construction of the filter glass reduces sun reflections bouncing from the lens and increases the amount of light reaching the photosensitive material. HD Series is intended for more advanced photographers and demanding users.

Hoya HD UV filters perfectly eliminate absorption of ultraviolet radiation to obtain better saturation of colours and improve contrast of photos, especially during sunny days. They also ideally protect a lens against unfavourable weather conditions by shielding it against dirt, dust and mechanical damages.

They come out as a perfect tool in both colour and black and white photography.

Key features:

  • new anti-reflective coatings
  • light transmission 99.35%
  • ring: black, slim

Set contains:

  • Hoya HD UV filter(0)
  • original packaging

Seller warranty:

  • 2 years

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