Hoya Pro neutral density ND4 62mm filter
Hoya Pro neutral density ND4 62mm filter
  • Hoya Pro neutral density ND4 62mm filter

Hoya Pro neutral density ND4 62mm filter

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The PRO ND series filters are currently the most technologically advanced gray filters available on the market. Filters are designed not only for photographers, they are also great on the HDSLR video market. The high quality of the optical glass of the PRO ND series filters combined with ACCU-ND technology ensures exceptional comfort for users.

The ACCU-ND technology in the HOYA PRO ND filters yields a truly neutral colour balance that will not add any noticeable colour-cast to your images. The HOYA PRO ND series is aimed at the still photography and HDSLR video markets. The Metallic ACCU-ND coating on the PROND filters do not colour shift as you move from one density to the next, a common problem with other series of neutral density filters. Now you can set your white balance once and have the same colour balance even if you need to change filters due to changes in lighting, or for creative effect.

Metallic coating

The PRO ND filters use HOYA’s exclusive clear optical glass that has a metallic ACCU-ND coating front and back to create the neutral density affect.

Reducing overflow of light

Neutral density filters are designed to reduce the amount of light entering your camera lens and should not have any other effect on the image. Reducing the amount of light allows for the use of wider apertures or slower shutter speeds for creative and dramatic effect in bright lighting conditions.

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  • Filter HOYA PRO ND
  • Original box

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  • 2 years

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